Current ZuluDesk users will need to continue to use and experience the ZuluDesk-branded Apps until the new release becomes available.



ZuluDesk Student is really easy to use, you will have no issues setting it up yourself.


Learning and teaching with iPads. Keep or regain control in the classroom.


Homework without distractions. Support parents to keep their children focused.

ZuluDesk Student

ZuluDesk Student gives students restricted control over their own devices, allowing them to focus on their education without being distracted by unauthorised apps.

Set up your iPad

With the ZuluDesk app, students can manage their own iPads. They can install apps approved by the school, and they can use documents stored in their personal iCloud drive.


Send messages to your teacher when the teacher has enabled two-way communication in the ZuluDesk app.

ZuluDesk Teacher

ZuluDesk Teacher gives teachers the tools to manage their class and keep students focused on their education. Instantly restrict websites, apps, the camera, and much more. Or even lock all student devices at once with a custom message.

Whitelisted Apps

Only the Whitelisted apps will be available on student iPads. All other apps and associated notifications will be temporarily hidden from view.


The Restrictions feature can prevent the access and use of designated device functionality.

Prepare Lessons

With the touch of a finger, ZuluDesk Teacher can enable the apps designated in a lesson profile and prevent the viewing of any other apps, reducing student distraction.


When the Weblock is enabled students are only permitted to visit teacher designated whitelisted websites within the Safari browser.

Device Information

Information can be made available for any selected student device upon request. For example, the battery percentage for a device can be easily determined.

Much more…

ZuluDesk Teacher has many other great features and more are to come… Get a fully functional free trial today and take your teaching to a new level!

Lesson profiles

Use the ZuluDesk Teacher app to create lesson profiles, in which you decide which apps and websites should be available during classes. To limit distractions, you can set restrictions, such as the prevention of notifications or the disabling of the camera function.

Start lessons

Start lessons in classrooms at any time by tapping the desired lesson profile in the ZuluDesk Teacher app. Once a lesson profile is set, students can only view apps and websites that have been set up in the lesson profile.

ZuluDesk Parent

ZuluDesk Parent uses the power of MDM to provide management controls for parents. Giving them the ability to restrict apps and device functionality. Not only that but parents can receive notifications when the student arrives safely at school.

Restrict Games

Would you like to restrict the time spent on games? You can do this now with ZuluDesk Parent !

Restrict Communication

With a simple change in ZuluDesk Parent, you can restrict communications in a variety of programs, including iMessage, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

Restrict Social Media

Is social media a major distraction for your child? Just disable Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. ZuluDesk Parent allows you to set up rules that restrict social media use to certain periods of time throughout the day.

Receive a Notification

Wouldn’t it be great if you could receive a notification when your child arrives at school? Now you can! ZuluDesk Parent will give you peace of mind!

Restrict in Traffic

Protect your child from distractions in traffic. Turn off apps and notifications whenever they are riding a bike or walking in traffic.(available soon)

Custom Recipe

Want more freedom? Create your own custom rules with the simple step-by-step wizard.

Set restrictions

Parents can use the ZuluDesk Parent app to set restrictions on their children’s iPhones and iPads. They can restrict the use of specific apps or the time allowed for playing games. Parents can also block social media apps and notifications whenever they prefer.


Receive a notification that your child has arrived safely at school.


Create your own rules for the set up and use of your children’s devices with an easy to use step-by-step assistant.