Jamf School Self Service

Use the Jamf School Self Service app on the iMac or MacBook. Install the app on the device, automatically get logged in to the app with your Jamf School account and download programs, files and backgrounds you want to use and install them on your macOS device.

Where’s my Mac?

Finding lost macOS devices is now easier than ever. We’ve released a new feature which allows devices to be locked, and optionally play an alert at full volume. Helping missing devices to be restricted until they are returned or found.

Run Powerful Scripts

Run custom Bash and AppleScript scripts on macOS devices to perform system actions, such as forcing a set timezone, clean caches, or however far your imagination takes you. With Jamf School Scripting the system is your oyster.

Set schedules or events (such as user logging out) of when to run scripts, and get the full rundown of what’s happening. From the status of the script, time of execution, error codes, and the full response. Jamf School Scripting provides the complete toolset to run scripts remotely.